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Vinyl decals

Decals are vinyl stickers that adhere to smooth surfaces such as walls, mirrors, furniture, or wood. They are easy to apply. Just peel and stick!

First…a warning

  • Decals are not recommended for porous or textured surfaces, such as wallpaper, fabrics, or canvas.
  • Wait for 4 weeks before applying to freshly painted walls.

We are not responsible for any damages due to the use or misuse of vinyl decals. If you couldn’t bear to damage an object or surface, don’t try to stick a decal on it.

Using transfer tape to apply decals

Some decals are supplied with transfer tape. Transfer tape helps you to apply small or delicate decals safely, or to apply a group of decals in exactly the right layout.

To apply:

  1. Place the decal sheet face up on a flat surface. (Note that most decals have a white backing sheet; in this example we’ve used a blue backing sheet.)
    Decals on backing
  2. Apply the clear transfer tape to the front of the decal sheet, pressing down firmly as you go to ensure it sticks completely to the decal face. A credit card works well.
    Apply transfer tape
  3. You now have decals sandwiched between the transfer tape and backing. If you need to, cut the sheet into individual decals, or cut a rough outline around each decal group. You don’t have to cut perfect outlines — just don’t cut through any decals.
    Cut shapes
  4. Peel the backing sheet off. Try not to get the decal stuck to yourself (there’s no shame, we’ve all done it).
    If a decal sticks to the backing instead of to the transfer tape, press the transfer tape back down over the decal, apply more pressure to adhere it more firmly, and then try peeling again.
    Peel off backing
  5. Position the decal as required and then press it firmly to the wall or other surface. Use a credit card again for extra pressure if you need it.
    Apply to wall
  6. Slowly peel off the clear transfer tape, leaving the decal on the wall. Easy!
    Peel off transfer tape

Removing decals

Decals can be left on surfaces for up to 2 years. If you need to remove a decal, carefully lift a corner and gently peel it away.

Wholesale orders

Wholesale enquiries are welcome. Please contact us if you’re interested in stocking our products in your store.

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